I am inclined to deny that Dim Sum is always finger food, but this book showcases some beautiful examples of modern and healthy dim sum recipes. These recipes are perfect for an upscale party or a summer party with friends.

The photography by William Lingwood is also excellent.

I highly recommend the “Salmon and Asian Pesto Packages” which utilize one of my favorite easy Asian staples: edible rice paper (found at many contemporary grocery stores if one looks hard enough). Edible rice paper is a light alternative to tortillas or dough. Because the rice paper is so thin, one can see the cilantro leaf underneath in stunning detail. Of course, one could add a Shiso/Perilla/Sesame leaf instead or even chervil.

The three herb chicken spring rolls are both easy and delicious.

Trying to find a use for bok choy (I get a lot from my CSA in the colder months)? Try the spicy variation on the chicken spring rolls and wrap them in bok choy leaves instead of rice paper. The bok choy adds an almost grassiness which balances nicely with the heat of the spice.

The Peking duck wraps are more time consuming, but delicious, lean, and flavorful.

The “Two-Rice Pearl Balls” utilize both black and white rice and are flavored with mushrooms, garlic, and ginger. They make a striking appearance to the eye and in the mouth–an Asian version of arancini.

This book contains only 30 recipes, but each are delightful finger foods perfect for an elegant get-together.