I think I really, really want to meet Naomi Duguid. I reviewed another book of hers–“Burma”–here, which became one of my favorite books shortly after I purchased it.

When I saw “Taste of Persia,” I knew I had to have it too.

Duguid is apparently an inveterate traveler with a keen eye and a keen tongue. The scenic pictures in the book are hers, while the wonderful food photography was taken by Gentle & Hyers.

Now this is another great book by the keen Duguid (really, she should have her own travel show alongside Anthony Bourdain and Andrew Zimmern–where are the women, folks?). I would love to go to Tblisi with her…

Now, to get back to the food: the books is arranged not by the countries listed, but in the more usual fashion (salads and vegetables, “soup paradise,” fish, grilled meats, rice dishes, and desserts–among a few other categories).

Try the “Pomegranate Ash with Meatballs.” No, “ash” is just another word for soup. The pomegranate is the pomegranate syrup so often found in the cooking of Syria and other nations of the Levant. I don’t think I’ve ever had a better soup. It is like split pea soup, but with the other herbs and flavors and the addition of rice and meatballs, it is even better.

I also suggest the Pomegranate Walnut Chicken Stew. In many ways, these recipes will be familiar to you, but there is a delectable mysterious twist to many of them that is interesting and unlike anything you have probably had.

The spicy (white) fish salad–this time with fresh pomegranate–is one of the best recipes. I think next time I will fire up my smoker and tweak the recipe with a smoked white fish or even salmon.

Who needs a cookbook for things you already know how to make? This is a truly remarkable book and for the most part, a very easy one for even novice chefs to follow.

Naomi Duguid, I truly look forwards to your next book!