Vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike will enjoy these seasonally-arranged salads composed by Andrew Swallow (seriously, is that his real name?) and the stunning pictures by Sara Remington will make your mouth water. One again, cooking does not have to be difficult to be extremely flavorful (and healthy).

The lamb salad with artichokes is one of my favorites and perhaps represents the apogee of prep time in this book (but one could substitute canned artichokes as well).

The salads here are exceptionally diverse, some heavy on meat, some using more fruit and cheese, a number are spicy, and the book as a whole utilizes a diversity of ingredients, so most people will always have something on hand. Look at the recipe and play around if you do not have every ingredient.

It would be nice if more restaurants stopped limiting their choices to a houseĀ  salad or a Caesar salad. I know that especially in the summer, I don’t always want to eat a large portion and so many restaurants do not adjust their menus accordingly. At the same time, I want my meal to have some protein and a bit of substance. The filet Mignon salad or the salad with scallops would be welcome additions to the menu!