Tyler Kord, the chef and owner of No. 7 sub shops in New York City (and a former sous chef to Jean-Georges Vongerichten) has taken up the mantle of writing a humorous and accessible cookbook. But Kord is funnier that most who have tried. And if keeping you laughing as you read his descriptions and directions weren’t enough, the recipes are off-the-wall, yet inspired.

Who wants baloney and cheese again? I’m constantly amazed by the restaurateurs in my neck of the woods who seem to imitate each others menus. Really, 5 identical options for Italian subs is just not that interesting. How about putting one or two of Kord’s sandwiches on the menu, or using his recipes and tips as inspiration to come up with something you can’t get anywhere else? Variety is the spice of life, as the saying goes.

The “Zucchini Parm”Sandwich is a real winner. I would have been satisfied with zucchini sticks with marinara and mozzarella, but Kord adds rich fontina instead as well as pickled jalapenos and BBQ potato chips. Most of his sandwiches takes these exiting turns…

In addition to a number of vegetarian-friendly (and not boring) recipes–and don’t worry, entire chapters on meatloaf, roast beef, chicken, and sausage sandwiches–Kord does incorporate some interesting uses of seafood in sandwiches. I’m talking primarily about what he calls “Muchim Brine” which is a pickle brine he uses on, among other things, shrimp. The shrimp muchim and their brine (especially with some bacon) take sandwiches to new levels. I think I will incorporate shrimp muchim into other dishes too on my end!

I’m not sure about the ceviche sandwich–I love ceviche too much–but Kord warns that his recipe makes “4 inauthentic sandwiches.” I had to smile at that one.

Also–last but not least–the photography by Noah Fecks has the food jump right out at you from the page with its innovative freshness.

If the book doesn’t make you laugh or you can’t find a new favorite sandwich that will blow your mind, you are already dead!