One of my favorite cuisines is Burmese and I have the gifted Naomi Duguid to thank. Many people are unfamiliar with Burmese food–I know I was before this exceptional book–but I would describe the food as something between Indian and Thai, but perhaps more on the Thai side.

The chicken recipes will make you look at chicken salads in a whole new way.The shrimp salad is a hit. And the soups! There is something in this book for everyone, vegetarian and non-vegetarian alike. A few of the ingredients are less common, although ingredients like fish sauce, lemon grass, ginger and shallots are increasingly found at just about every grocery store.

Trust me, you too will find that you love Burmese food.You will wonder why you have never heard of it before and how much you have missed over all these year.

Duguid traveled extensively through Burma taking many of the book’s photographs herself, although Richard Jung is credited with the studio shots of the many recipes. These is a hefty, well-organized, thorough, and very tasty tome.