Few cookbooks are devoted to a taste, rather than say, an cuisine, ingredient, or type of dish. Jennifer McLagan broke the mold with this book which is divided into chapters exploring bitterness in its various guises:  pungent, subtle, extreme, as a liquid or in vegetal form.

Bitter Italian-inspired cocktails are all the rage right now and most of these recipes would pair well.

There are several recipes utilizing radicchio, endive, escarole, arugula and chicory all available here in the late winter months.

McLagan’s walnut dressing goes well–well, on just about anything…

Soon, it will be time to harvest fresh asparagus and broccoli raab (a.k.a. rapini) and I will try new portions of this novel cookbook whose recipes are simple, yet elegant, unexpected, and refreshing. There are even a number of desserts for adult palates.

While not every recipe has a photograph associated with it, a large portion do and the photography by Aya Brackett is stunning. This is another great tome from Ten Speed Press, one of the better cookbook imprints out there.